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Superfoods Of The Bible


Do you believe in the Bible… and also love eating healthy Superfoods?   Me too!

If you are interested in these same topics, then you will enjoy discovering more about the nutritious foods that are found in the Bible. Furthermore and not by chance, it happens to include many of the healthiest superfoods you can possibly eat.

It is incredible and most noteworthy to realize that the majority of the superfood groups that we eat today… were a major portion of what the normal diet consisted of in biblical and ancient times.

All of the natural foods were created by God,
making them truly… healthy foods that you can believe in!

Popular Pages On The Bible Superfoods Site


Bible Foods List

Complete list of all the Bible foods quoted in scripture
with their references.

Bible Food Plate - Simple guide of healthy food groups.

Bible Foods that benefit certain health issues and specific diet needs.

Other Topics You Will Find Here:

  • Discovering a variety of the Bible’s best healthy foods to eat…
  • Exploring how certain superfood choices can improve your health…
  • Referencing these foods with the Word of God… where you just might get a healthy dose of inspiration.

What Are Superfoods?

A simple definition summed up in a “nutshell” would be:

Superfoods… are a special category of
nutrient rich, beneficial foods, that are found in nature.
They are the worlds healthiest natural foods.


Today’s nutrition and health specialists are continually conducting research to determine the most nutritious foods for a healthier lifestyle. As we should expect, the results show us a confirmation of God’s infinite wisdom in originally creating these beneficial foods for us.

God’s Word is the ultimate authority in all things, including what we eat. The Bible tells us – God made everything good – and when he made food he intended it to be good and nutritious.

He also gave us the option to seek wisdom and use good common sense in everything we do, especially relevant are the foods that we eat! These Bible verse’s say it best…

“Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food”. Genesis 1:29

“Every moving thing that lives
shall be food for you;
and as I gave you the green vegetables and plants,
I give you everything”. Genesis 9:3

My Goal For This Site

My goal here is simple… to share with you – informative, interesting, and fun food topics… using the different healthy food choices of the Bible and all good nutrition that God created.

I trust that you will be inspired with these Biblical Superfoods and their health benefits. As a result, you will be delighted when you see which ones are (or will be) regularly showing up on your food plate.

Please feel free to share the Word about the site and topics you found here.

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